Purified water toc

Purified water toc alwys out of limit
Limit set 500ppb.plz suggest

Is it offline or online TOC??


Incident to be raised.
Investigation, RCA analysis, CAPA to be taken

Probable root cause:

  1. If its Reverse osmosis system —Check the dosing sysetem of NaOH .
  2. Membrane cleaning status or should be replaced.
  3. Chemical cleaning of pretreatment line to minimise the load.
  4. TOC system itself

if its ion-exchange

  1. Check the quality of water at all the points
  2. Check for possibilities of system contamination and for
    leakages in the system
  3. Check the last sanitization activity log.
  4. Check the System alarms and control for satisfactory
    operation to eliminate possibility of false alarm.
  5. Check the instrumentation calibration status and ensure
    the validity for use within its preview on calibration.


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Is online 21CFR

Tnx sir

Get it calibrated first with standards. If there is any problem after that, then we have to check the system.