Purified water Sytem- Revalidation

(Md.Asif Hussain) #1

Dear All,

What is the Revalidation frequency of purified water system,as a general industry standard… ?
How to conduct its revalidation and how many days it required for complete revalidation.
What are the test cases you will find to do,
if any deviation against you protocol, you observe how to handle it.?


(lalpratap) #2

there is no revalidation frequency of purified water system as per standards.

however if we go through a change control for any replacement in the equipment revalidation is required through the protocol.

(Collins) #3

I agreen with your response

(Md.Asif Hussain) #4

Dear All,

Could you please provide the procedure of Stress study for :
1.Loop hold study:
2.Power failure:
3.No use low use: