Purified Water Loop system

(Muralidharan KK) #1

Dear Sir,
Kindly give details of purified water running in loop system in Pharmaceutical sterile manufacturing.
Is it in normal practice that the loop system is running all the time at 80* Celsius.

Muralidhran KK

(Ankur Choudhary) #2

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(Anvesh Jupak) #3

Hello sir,
If I keep the WFI water sample s for 2-5 hrs at 2-8degrees storage condition s…any changes occur es…?

(Rakesh Kumar chowdhary) #4

This will depend upon your hold time study,
You have to make a hold time study to store Water samples in a refrigerator 2-8°C .
Samples can be refrigerated at 2-8°C for 24 hrs, and there are no chances that it will rise your samle count/ bioburden.

(lalpratap) #5

purified water in loop system in general run <25C.

or loop can be run at 65C.

WFI loop is run at 80C.