Propogation Test and Anaerobic Condition

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My query is when OOS observed in any MET Sample, we identify the particular strain and after that perform Propogation Test. Mine query is why we do Propogation Test what is this test means in Microbiology? And also what is the procedure.

Another one is while performing GPT of Anaerobes we provide all anaerobic conditions like Anaerobic Jar and Gas Kit and to assure we add chemical indicator which indicates the whole process goes wright with colour change. So the indicator is covered with some wrapper so without take out from that wrapper how colour change done.

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I suppose you are simply multiplying the organism found in order to perform identification test. What does your SOP say?

Is you indicator supposed to be used with or without the wrapper? if the wrapper is oxygen permeable I’d say it is supposed to stay in place when used. If not, it should be removed, but this should be stated in the indicator’s instruction sheet.

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In Propogation test my SOP says

Take scdm and add 10gm of sample whose Propogation test to be conducted and add responsible Culture of 10-100 cfu. Then incubate it for 5days and daily observation to be done and on 5th day result will declare but in this test only growth factor check means if turbidity increases as compared to PC means Culture proliferates…but my query is we given culture…proper Media,proper temp condition for 5 days so Culture definitely increases…

I didn’t find right answer for that…

And i have another query regarding Calculator…

We use Scientific Calculator in micro and we have no SOP for that so is it okay or not??

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