Product mix up in visual inspection area

Can any one suggests the Effective quality approach other than line clearances for product mix ups .

Thank u…

Product mix up in visual inspection area should be manage through IH pre-inspection checklist or post inspection checklist.

These checklist include usual characteristic like colour for specific description of product of semi finished product, specific embossing/use identification details.

Agreed sir , but the problem is with the tray used for the previous batches , how can we control on the trays as having status update also.

In that case your line clearance is not effective . Same tray (off line) or conveyer belt(on line) repetitive use should be avoided. If any shortage of tray or belt , it should be carefully use such . Tray number usage, cleaniess etc would be document as in process documentary to avoid mix up for visual inspection.

In my previous organization they maintain tray number, tray cleaning record, tray usage control with covering PE bag to avoid mix up of coated or uncoated tablets dosage form & capsules.

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Thanks for the response sir, we can propose the Tray numbering, but typically batch size is 10 lac vials , is it possible ?