Product loss from FBD

How we can prevent product loss from FBD exhaust dust in case of accidental rupturing of FBD filters?

I think as a preventive action it is recommended to define a maximum number of cleaning times for a FBD filter after which the filter should be replaced

I noticed auditors require such action

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Yes frequency of filter usage is defined n after dat duration filters are replaced

But accidental rupturing may occur at any time thats why im asking about technical point of view like automated shutdown etc

What’s automated shutdown?

mean stoppage of FBD automatically when product loss occur

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If product loss problem from FBD exhaust then need to interlock with pressure across AHU 0.3 micron filter. if BAG filter is leakage then may be across AHU 0.3 micron filter pressure is -ve more than -6 pascal then required interlock with this pressure to system lock down or shut down whatever you need.
i.e.- Fresh air 10 micron filter - Hot coil- Blower - 0.3 Micron filter - FBD - Exhaust blower
Note: Before 0.3 micron filter pressure +ve, after 0.3 micron filter pressure is -ve.
You need pressure switch for this type of logic.
Rating Approx.
Input Voltage: 220 VAC
Pressure Differential: -20 to 20 pascal
Output: 220 VAC (direct used to Control wire)
24 VDC (Used through PLC control)

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kindly simplify where to use filter 0.3 u mean in exhaust?Not able to understand how u want to brief

FBD technical flow diagram as below:
i.e.- AHU (Fresh air 10 micron filter - Hot coil- Blower - 0.3 Micron filter) - FBD (Bag filter) - Exhaust blower

how u will stop loss by this pressure difference n
bcz product loss will occur in exhaust?

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If FBD inside Bag filter is damage or chockup then certainly pressure are fluctuate across 0.3 micron HEPA filter then you should make standard pressure limit and make this type of logic.

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FBD cylinders are provided with powder detector, So that any powder leakage during drying process will detected by it and FBD will stop working

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@Ankur @Sajjad_Ahmad @AsifHussain

Is the frequency of changing FBD filter determined by the maximum number of Batches for which the filter is used or the maximum number of cleaning cycles to which the filter is subjected or both ??

its better according to no of batches bcz cleaning duration may varry acc to no of batches in compaign production.


@Ankur @Sajjad_Ahmad @AsifHussain

I think that Solid Flow Monitor mentioned in this link is considered a good approach to prevent product loss from leaking FBD filter

isn’t it ?

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Are there any models or sources which you recommend for this type of control ?

Thanks a lot

solid flow meters r used

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Do you know certain pharmaceutical companies which apply Solid Flow Monitor (Broken Bag Detector) to FBD where it proves efficacy and ease of application ?

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Cant we depend on differential pressure reading across the bag filter of FBD to detect filter rupture since I think a sudden drop in differential pressure will occur in this case?