Product development (PD) is under QA?

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"Is Product development dept. is under Quality Assurance? or it is fully independent dept. for example we know, QC is under QA. Is PD also under QA? "

“R & D dept is independent ? or under QA?”

“And which dept. are under QA? Compliance , validation dept. are under QA?”

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Qa will be must to each every department according to regulatory requirements, they know as DQA that the make the commond at Pdr and R&D department
Like issues of master documents and master MFr any chang in maste formula afte approved
Thes all thinks hold and contrived by QQA

There should be a separate and independent QA function/department responsible to oversee R & D and product development activities independently. This QA team should be separate from the QA team of the production (related to manufacturing).

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R&D QA is defined as all the planned and systematic actions to verify whether R&D processes are conducted in a proper manner and the results of R&D fully satisfy customers’ requirements . … It may be helpful for the institute that has an interest adopting R&D QA.

Sounds like QA in our organisation is the “local police force” and the source of all knowledge…:lol:

I’ve seen that approach in action in many organisations, and in my opinion it is detrimental to R&D staff’s self-perception, quality attitude and performance.

Why not give them more autonomy and responsibility, and leave QA with oversight / auditing, to ensure compliance?

I believe R&D and marketing are best positioned to set specifications, while QA supervise and provide the final formal authorization. The same would apply for product release - R&D should do all the groundwork up to the point where they think all requirements have been met; then QA can verify and formally sign-off. Of course real-time monitoring is always recommended, to avoid surprises later, but I honestly believe this should come as objective feedback rather than ongoing “law enforcement”.

I also believe functions such as training, document control, change control and qualifications (in R&D domain) can, and actually better, be carried out by R&D personnel, with QA’s necessary formal oversight (authorization etc.) and objective feedback, in cases where processes go off-tracks. It would help build a sense of ownership and caring in R&D, while the core-knowledge is there anyway.