Process validation Blend uniformity sampling-Solids

Dear All,

Could we take Unit dose of samples from 5 different locations from Blender (V-Bin) in place of 10 point sampling if my Blend size is small let 25 Kg or 40kg !

(As bed is small)

Asif Hussain

Yes, you can take samples from 5 to 7 locations considering small blend size. Please remember the positions of sampling points should be strategic and should be able to assess blend uniformity.

Thank you.

If my blender capacity is 120 kg (double cone blender) then what will be my sampling procedure?

If your blender capacity is 120 Kg, then you ensure its working capacity between 50% to 75% . Please take in to consideration bulk density of the powder to be blended. Sampling points should be towards middle of blend, at top and bottom sides and towards the axis of blender. 7 to 8 sampling points are enough.