Process Revalidation

In routine working after how many years process revalidation is recomended?

Atlest once in year

any guidlines?

As per PDA TR 60, Continuous life cycle approach can be used…

re validation of process is done after any change made in the process. routine re validations of different processes involved in overall process are done according to the defined protocols i.e. once in a year or twice a year.

Sir,plz refer
WHO annex 3,TRS 992
US FDA 070776

once in a year and maximum can be extended up to 3 yrs.
in routine practice once in a year is not followed,why?

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it should be followed once in a year.

any guidlines?

Revalidation for the equipment which are critical—supposed to be revalidated every year…
As a process revalidation every year is not feasible…
Yearly revalidation for products Either you can cover with APQR or as continuous verification approach…

5 years