Procedure to reduce conductivity in water

Please suggest how to decrease the conductivity of deminerlised water?
We are getting more than 1πS/cm and even not passing in chloride test. Water from dm plant.

Please suggest as soon as possible

@vandana_90 Are you checking conductivity at 25 Deg. C.

Yes sir. Even we checked in normal Temperature but it shows more than the limit.
Due to which chloride content also high which affect the stability heater shelf life.

Several factors can be considered for the increase in the conductivity with respective to the purification system components and cleaning methods of the purification systems ,sampling Procedures etc . gaskets ,prolonged usage of carbon filters may also may be the source of increase in the conductivity .Impact of the CO2 on the water sample may vary in the conductivity result .

@vandana_90 as @Askmd said dissolved CO2 is responsible for an increase in conductivity. To reduce conductivity in the puriied water you have to reduce dissolved CO2 in water. You can use degasser in water system to reduce the dissolved gases. You can visit the following link for details.

Thank u for the information sir.

I also agree with it.
Moreover Sir, could we apply sodium hydroxide dosing to lower the conductivity,as dissolved CO2 is acidic in nature

you should pay attention to temprature and chlorine quantity is important .

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