Private chat option added in forum (only for computer users)

This is to inform all forum members that a private chat function is added in the forum (previous was a public chat and anyone can see that).
You can use it in following way:
A) To send an offline message

  1. Click on message icon at top right of the screen as shown in image below
  2. Click on ‘New Message’. A message window will open at the bottom of the screen as below.
  3. Now type the username of the member you want to send an offline message or select from the list displayed as below.
  4. Type the message in the box and press enter to send and it is done.

B) To chat online

  1. Find if the member is online at the home page in the Online members’ list.
  2. Hover the mouse on the image and know the username of the member.
  3. Follow the procedure given above to start the chat.

Warning: Don’t misuse this service because this is not started to disturb the forum member but to give them a facility to make easy communication between them. Misuse of this service will be a punishable offense and member will be suspended from the forum. We are working to make it available on mobile.

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