Principle of machines

What is the principle of following machines?
1- RMG
3- Electronic moiture analyser
4- Vibrosifter
5- cadmill

I have written principle of some of them on my blog, please search.


Thnx sirji…sir plz upload the pdf files of all material for download and study because we cant save the the pages alltime.

The blog is available 24x7 for you people.

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Principles are as follows:

1.RMG: Shear Mixing- densification and agglomeration
2. FBD: Fluidisation and drying with application of hot air
3.Electronic moisture analyser: Loss on drying in term of %
4. Vibro sifter: Gyratory motion and vibration
5. Cadmill: Cutting, Attrition and siZe reduction

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any one reply plz
why we take RMG or blender in litter …?

On the basis of materials density