Potentiometric titration DST three trail not meeting the limit. how to perform and pass the test?

How to pass the test. in that What is the relation between mV and ml. How its calculating the result based on the weight, factor end point and why they r using mV what is the use.

DST is used to calibrate the potentiometeric titrator for determination of moisture content. If you are not getting the results within the limit then it shows malfunctioning of your instrument. Dont try to pass the instrument calibration forcefully because it will not give you correct results during sample analysis. Contact your service engineer for maintenance. Probably burette of your instrument is not working properly.

mV in potentiometeric tiration for moisture content is used to determine the end point of titration. When there is more water in solution it means more flow of current between two electrode terminals that shows higher mV value. When KF reagent is added during titration it reacts with water and lower down the conductivity of solution resulting in decrease in mV.

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