Posting Partial Document

We manufacture medical devices at our site, and a debate has come up about posting documentation. We have visual standards, which show potential defects in our products, every production worker related to those products are trained to them. Our supervisor wants to post the pages with photos of defects on the line, so the the employees will have a comparison. But he only wants those pages…we do not have a lot of space, and only maybe half of the pages have images. Is it ok to only post those pages, or is it a case where it’s all or nothing? The documents are available online at a nearby station, and there is also a hard copy in a manual posted at that machine.

Hello James!

If the idea is to post copies of just some pages of a document, and use them for a specific purpose, then that document will be out of context and may be considered as “incomplete”, and lead to confusion.

I suggest just copying the images and put them in a new document that serves the intended purpose. It could be done as an OPL (one point lesson), it could also make reference to those other documents (visual standards, hard copy and online) in case that more insight is required; perhaps this fits your supervisor requirements and doesn’t create trouble by having an incomplete copy of a document just posted out of context.

I hope this suggestion is useful.


Thank you, that’s a good suggestion…I will run it by them and see what they think.