Plz explain about awc setting and how it work in compression m/c

(Vikrant Tripathi) #1

Plz explain about awc setting and how it work in compression m/c

(Sajjad Ahmad) #2

Tablet weight changes can be detected and controlled by monitoring compression force.
A tablet machine can be instrumented with a strain gauge that senses and reacts to compression force changes.
Compression force fluctuation is the result of slight changes in tablet weights. It is normal and expected that powder blends are not perfectly uniform; this fluctuation is detected by checking tablet weights during compression. When tablet weights change they typically trend, either increasing or decreasing in average tablet weight. As tablet weights increase the compression force increases, and as tablet weights decrease the compression force decreases.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #3

As blended powders are being compressed there is a consistent and measurable force rhythm that is detected using a strain gauge…
The strain gauge sends a signal to control the volumetric powder fill level (weight adjustment cam), which controls tablet weights. Thus we have created a loop; the amount of force to compress is really reporting tablet weight.
The controls can be set up to react to the compression force changes, and adjust the weights within a range, or stop the press. If the amount of force is too much, or not enough this is directly attributable to tablet weight, provided that the press is being operated correctly and all parts and components are in good operating condition.