Plant capacity calculation

How to know our production plant capacity

Basically it is Based on the

  1. siZe of the equipment’s and your demands as per supply planning request.
  2. Work space.
    3.Number of staffs
    4.Work flow
    5.Storage area.
    6.All facility/analytical availability as per requirements
    7.Availability of all types of warehouse and storage area.


Can be simplified by 3 divisions
Productoon capacity
Packaging capacity
storage capacity
production capacity of all equipment is calculated with maximum batch sizes per shift and then per day(if more than one shifts)
capacity of all granulation areas in plant(in kgs)
all compression areas
all coating areas
and same like other dosage forms.
for packaging capacity
capacity of all blister machines
cam cartoners
manual packaging etc.
and calculate total no of units produced and packed per day.
storage ares for staging etc
and all warehouses.