Pharmaceutical technical transfert

Hi everyone
I’m looking for pharmaceutical technical transfert suppliers for tablets ,suspensions ,pellets ,with BA/BE studies


Please clarify your question more precisely. Are you searching for organizations that conduct BA-BE studies of pharmaceutical studies?
As I understood, please note that there are a number of CROs (Contract Research Organizations) in India that undertake Clinical Research work which includes conducting Bioavailability/Bioequivalence (BA-BE) studies and Clinical Trials phase-1, 2 3 & 4 for submission to different Regulatory authorities (USFDA, MHRA-UK, EMA, TGA, ANVISA-Brazil, GCC etc) as a part of ANDA, NDA, BLA (Product dossiers) to get marketing authorization in their country for marketing the new or generic pharmaceutical products.
Before offering such clinical studies of your pharmaceutical products to the CROs please ensure their competency and Regulatory inspection history through GCP audits to assess the compliance level of that CRO. After compliance assessment, please sign a written contract with that CRO to perform BA-BE studies of your products.
Also, there are many such CROs in the world to carry out BA-BE studies and clinical trials of pharmaceutical products.

We need a product with all studies manufacturing formulation, analytical validation and BA/BE

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