Pharmaceutical Granulation

Provide the Following Details:-
1.Thumb Rule of Granulation
2.Troubleshooting during Granulation Process.
3.Do and Don’t of Granulation Process
4.Best Universal Techniques for Granulation Process

Thumb rule for granulation is to produce such type of grains which support all parameters of final dosage form.
For this critical point is Qty of Binder solution ,its addition time n mixing after adition of binder.All these parametere should be such adjusted that after wetting no large lumps or overwetting should not occur.There should be no fine powder particles after granulation.Grains produced should be such that after drying proper ratio of fine n grains should formed


Trouble shouting depend on problem type so u should specify the issue.
Proper sieving
proper dry mixing
proper granulation time
proper amount of moisture in final grains
proper lubrication
Over weting
under weting
over drying
under drying
over mixing time

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Techniques comonly used r
wet granulation
dry granulation
Hot meltable granulation tech


What’s the good ratio for fines and coarse Granules

Theoratically 85-15
but practically its 70-30 or more