Pharma code and about 2D Barcode

About pharma code and 2D Barcode

Pharmacode, are Pharmaceutical Binary Code,Consist of thick and thin lines, used in the pharmaceutical industry as a packing control system. It is designed to be readable despite printing errors. It can be printed in multiple colors.Can be found basically in Leaflet, Carton.Outercartons, shipper.
It is one-dimensional barcode schemes, pharmacode does not store the data, the number is encoded in binary, rather than decimal. Pharmacode is read from right to left, also in left to right

2D Code: Two-Dimensional (2D) Barcode Types. Two-dimensional, or 2D barcodes, systematically represent data using two-dimensional symbols and shapes.
Very often can be seen in printed Alu foil, Overprinting by Track and Trace systems in Cartons