pH for Topical dosage form

Respected all,
May i know how to check the pH of the Topical dosage form (Cream, Ointment, Gel etc.,).
Whether it can be checked by
1. Dipping the Electrode in beaker containing Dosage form (or)
2. The dosage form have to be dissolved in water (2 gm of sample in 10 ml of water).
If step 2 can be used then, there is a lot difference between the pH of sample that was solubilized in water to pH of sample to which electrode was directly dipped.

Kindly clarify this question…Thanks in advance…

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You can check ph of ointment cream by dipping the electrode directly in the dosage form .take it in sample container .we check in glass bottle.only precaution to be taken is to see the bulb of electrode should not break.

Respected mam,
Thank you for your response mam,
As you said, That’s what we are also following in our firm,
what my question was, is this is the correct way to check pH of topical dosage form?

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