Pesticide spray in production area

Is pesticide spray allowed in outer corridor of aseptic area?

Pesticides should not be used in outer corridor of aseptic area. Instead, fumigation can be done.


Pesticide may contaminate the product through AHU?

Yes, pesticides may contaminate.

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Pesticides can be used in OSD primiry mfg area and coridors?

No, pesticides should not be used in OSD primary manufacturing area and coridors.

then what should be used in OSD?

Pest manifestation is not allowed inside production.
Decontamination, cleaning and sanitisation activity is perform to maintain cleaning and hyginicity of the production area as per the programme and SOP procedures.


if we observe flies and insects in OSD the what to do?
Apart from insectocutter?

There is the need to investigate or review the Pest control contract/Services, need to check threshold limit of insects on-site need , also need to check competent specialist if any availble to switch over to another services. your buiding pest manifestation programe should be so much strong that will not allow any single insect go into production area.

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Pest control services include which type of controls?

The pest control services should include:
1.Type of Treatment to be given
2. frequency of treatment
3. Details of chemical used
4. PPE
5. Antidot
6. Bait station


Dear Mr. Sunil,

if there is a emergency exit in class D corridor area to outside factory, is it required to install insect-o-cutter? and where it should be fixed?


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Insect-o-cutter is not necessary near emergency exit door and if u want to install you can fix in D class corridor near emergency exit door.