Personnel and materials flow

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I have a question about the personnel and materials flow, do we have guidelines regarding this issue? I mean, in pharmaceutical plant, can the personnel go back from the same corridor that they came in through?. and can they go back from the same Airlocks that they have entered through?

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Sir man and materials entry should be separate .
For material entry in department passbox is used, and for man entry Air lock is used .
There are two types of passbox one is static and dynamic passbox. You can fix this passbox accordingly to your requirement.
In dispensing area , where the materials is to be dispensed , it’s always came through dynamic passbox. After dispensing activity is over, dispensed material is moved to manufacturing area through static passbox.Same is followed for packaging materials also.

For man entry Airlock is used as personnel airlock as most of the company are currently using it for overgowning.

There should be SOP of man entry and exit procedure with photo to be display in air lock

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