Paste Kettle Design

Can someone throw some light on design of Paste Kettle which are electrically heated.

it is SS kettle with builtin heating rods and long vertical propeller blades for mixing.

Thanks for reply.
Yes it is SS kettle with built-in heating rods and long vertical propeller blades for mixing. Any more details possible please?

temp guage is present to show temp.
heat sensors to cut heating at set point.
wheels for easy transportation.
Propeller movement is usually by pneumatic flow.

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Double jacket stem heating system may also be used instead of electric heating .

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I think it is a good feature to give insulated jacket though it is electrically heated. what do you say? I am using oil as heating medium.

why to use oil?
insulation must be there and proper safety measures

Tilting type steam jacketed kettle also available for pilot scale like 50 or 100 ltr. This is static one. You need to transfer the paste into other vessel.

If oil is not used, the heating coil should be wound around the Hemi-spherical bowl, right? I find it difficult here in Hyderabad to manufacture.

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Yeah, Tilting type only. Yes paste has to be transferred in separate bowl. Thanks by the way for your input.

Hypothermal oil is using and oil is use for transfer hear and it’s boiling point is fast