Packing material Testing

What is the procedure for checking the performance of labels

Performance test as follows:

Affix three sticker labels from: the sampled labels on the plastic-bottles and-peel the sticker labels from the bottles.after 10 minutes. The sticker label should not come out intact from the bottles and fibre tearing should takes place. Then affix three sticker labels on plastic bottle and keep the bottles at 45+/- ° C for 48 hours. Observe after 48 hours. There should not be any change in the surface paper colour, cutting from the sides, peeling off of the label, blistering,oozing of adhesive stains etc. on the surface of paper.

If we are using this label for glass we can reduce the affixing tine from 48 hour to 24 hours.Same way we can develop the method for other object snickering capability.


Do you have any reference for this???

Routine as a bridge between label manufacture, plastic container, we(Manufacture) have to decide based on industries practice & said process practically give accurate results. Before freezing we can take an trail with IH product & sample because all result based on GSM of lable,type of paper, GSM of adhesive, Type of adhesive,surface of container etc.

So its something in between manufacturer and industries requirememt??