Packing material Shade card

Pls tell me , what will be the shade card validity of packing material(carton, label etc)?

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Shade card are provided after completion of artwork for distinguishing colour variation of carton, label colour after finalizing it party take next step for processing for printing

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Generally shade cards are valid up to 24 months. However, it depends upon type & grade of coloured inks used for printing and its stability (fastness of colour).

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Sir can we not keep these shade cards for ever and if valid only for 24 months is this period to be mentioned in SOP also?

You may keep these old (obsolute) shade cards for ever for the purpose of history. However, you should not use these old shade cards. This is because the colour shades may change over a period of time because of exposure to atmospheric conditions. Generally shade cards are valid up to 24 months depending upon fastness of ink colour used on the paper for printing. Colour shades are very sensitive to pH of paper and atmospheric gases.

Current in use shade cards must be separately kept away from the old shade cards which are obsolete. A stamp of “Obsolute” shall be affixed on such old shade cards and stored in the archives for history purpose.


You may specify validity of shade cards (as 24 months) or say that “24 months OR as specified by the printer” in your SOP.

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Sir thanks for this information.

Sir thanks for explaining so well

You are always welcome.

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