Optical Rotation Equipment Requirements for Laboratories

Hi Ankur. I am revise the Indian Pharmacopoeia Chapter 2.4.22 for “Optical Rotation and Specific Optical Rotation” in order to evaluate the equipment requirements for the laboratory testing’s. My doubt is about the Calibration section. Is required the challenge of all the concentrations indicated in the table?? Another question… the angle of rotation (+) at 25 C for all the values must have exact results as mentioned in the table?? Usuallly as I read the value for sucrose for 50.0 (g/100) have a value of 66.3 + to 67.0 .as per USP pharmacopoeia. Thanks for your prompt response.

Yes, you have to test your instrument for all five concentrations.
A tolerance limit is there for all five concentrations as below.

Thanks a lot for the Information. :thumbsup:

The tolerance cited are not given either in IP or USP. Can you kindly clarify where are these mentioned?