Operator aseptic behaviour

In aseptic area during filling can operator use the SS chair/stool for seating/resting purpose? is it justifiable? in some company’s this practices are in place. supporting with media fill run. pls. share experiences or provide comments

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Yes SS chair or stool can be used for sitting purpose.

Is any guideline says that we can use chair in aseptic area .

If I am an inspector inspecting a sterile facility. I wanted to go inside Grade B area, but was refused to do so unless I do the qualification programme as per the company’s policy and Sop of qualification of Gowning ( 3 days programme). Are they entitled to refuse entry

Yes, SS chair (without back rest) can be used but it should be placed appropriately with restricted movement. For example during sterile filtration in LAF operator/person can use chair which also restrict the person to perform unnecessary movement in the area. However the chair should not be place where it can create turbulence or hindrance of laminar air inside the aseptic area.

hope it helps.

if u are an inspector and u get permition to inspect every spot of production hall from qualified person and u follow the entering rules, so nobody can prevent u from entering in exception of qualified person