Online particle counter


how can I deal with the online particle counter when exceeding the allowable limits, and what is the reading period that I must take for the batch file for ex. I have full day particulate readings the readings will be separating for what for 5min or 10min or one hour?
kindly support your answer by reference if you can

Online particle count is print or reading has taken online by print to machine when batch duration time then average particle shall be reading in machine then you can easily read it…

thank U
can U provide me by the sample period or (average period), the software allowed me period between 60 to 3600 seconds

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you can set print interval time 1 minute,and take the printout from start of process (i.e filling process) to end of process and attach the printout with BFR. if any excursion occur during process, mark the reason in printout.Each page of printout should by signed by operator and supervisor. Find out the reason for particles above limit and resolve it.

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