Obsolete SOPs and their forms

If any sop is obsolete, we can use forms ?

What kind of form’s? If your concern is related to formats then no you cannot use formats if SOP is done obsolete.

Dear Nandesh, if your previous version of SOP is obsoleted and if revision number for your form is changed then you cannot use the previous version forms. You have to use new version forms from the day your new version of SOP is made effective. This is what I can understand from your question. If my post does not answer your question please ignore.

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If any SOP is obsolete that means all SOP content along with formats are obsolete. You can not use. You should use formats present in current SOP.

If there is no change in contents in a form which is related to obsolete SOP. In this case this form can be used with revised SOP or that form also to be obsolete stamped.?

It depends on inhouse SOP.if formats are having prepared by, checked by and approved by signatures in the footer of page then the form cannot be used.but if the format is prepared without any signatures then it can be used.for example: if sop is prepared on 10/05/2020 ,the same sign.and date shall be on formats also.the sop which is obsolete is having different sign and date. For example : 09/05/2018.this is the main reason why the formats of obsolete sop cannot be used with new revised SOP.

Hi , thanks for your reply, i want elaborate the problem for better under standing.
SOP-QA-1001-08 (sop name :SOP on SOP osolete) This sop is converted into
SOP-QA-1014-01 but they are following the FRM-QA-1001-09 sop template which is linked to 1014 sop is used for preparation of new sop’s.

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