Need help about preservation,maintanance and preparing passages of microbiological cultures?

Hey all,

I have got some sources about the title but it seems there is lots of methods about it and im confused (I dont know what to do in my case)

I have ATCC microorganisms like P. aeruginosa, S. aerus, E.coli, Salmonella enterica…, C. sporogenez, B.subtilis, C. albicans which are all 4. passage kwiksticks.

As you know i can use 5. passage at last.

1- When i inoculate the kwicksticks on agar medium, the microorganisms on the agar surface are 4. or 5. passage?

2- What is the best way to preservation of these microorganisms. I have a procedure about microbank and it says i can preserve the microorganisms in microbank tubes until the end of the expiration date?

So, i have some old procedures and some says; inoculate the agar surface and keep the agar media in 2-8 C in refregirator, prepare subcultures and keep the subcultures in the same conditions, repassage the main inoculated media monthly but i dont think is it usefull or practical with the 4. passage kwicksticks.

So what i need?
2.-3. passage ATCC microorganisms?
Usage of microbank tubes?

Thanks for your advices…

Please read the following procedure

I will be following any ISO or USP method. Just to be on the safe side.