Multiple Batches

Hi Sir
We have granulation room with RMG, FBD and Sifter, I would like to run RMG with one batch and FBD with another batch of the same product, can we? If yes is there any reference guidlines

Dear amzad,
Yes we can take multiple batches of same product in same area. We have to do dry cleaning study. We need to do individual dry cleaning of that particular equipment and log book entry of the same.

Can u tell in which guideline it is mentioned?

In a single room one product is processed at a time.

Thanks for your response, sound great is there any reference guideline for that? secondly how can i approach the dry cleaning study of the equipment.

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Xtly Ms. Meenakshi i am also searching the same…

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there is no any flexibility to run 2 different stages of 2 different batches of the same product.

for this approach now a days differents cubilcles r designed unstead of large single room each cubicle is seprated from other n contain seprate equipmemt e.g
in one cube RMG used for one product n in secound FBD for other n in third millimg n so on mixing

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It enhances euqipmemt utilization time n increase productivity

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Thanks, Do you have any images for cubicles or any supplier for that who can supply in KSA
Secondly is it permissible? do you have any justification or we can proceed with risk assessment

its plant lay out built in such sequense approved by regulatory bodies