MLT test related doubt

hi guys,
i have one doubt it is MLT test limit is 1000 CFU/g for raw material it is ok. pharmacopeia recommended dilution for 1 in 10 ratio it means 1g of product is dissolve and make with 10ml buffer is it also ok. now we going to pour plate method what will do take 1ml of we prepared sample it is ok .
we are get it result for 90 CFU appropriately. now how to submit the result this is 90 CFU/g is it correct or not. now days we are always submit like same.

But i have doubt in that 1 in make it 10 dilution. ( you take exactly 50 CFU containing 1ml sample then you make up with upto 10 ml used sterile buffer now the 10ml has been containing 50 CFU ok. Now you go take 1ml sample and poured to pour plate method after incubation the plate will be shown on 5 CFU tolerance will be 2CFU now how to you are submit the 1ml is containing 5CFU because we are know the first 1ml is containingb 50CFU tha is it this is my doubt please clarify any one…) this step is we are diluted to 1g containing organisms in 10 times now this sample is 1ml we take and analyzed to so the organism load always reduced 10 times then how to justified that one.