MLT doubt pls clear some one

i have one doubt it is MLT test limit is 1000 CFU/g for raw material it is ok. pharmacopeia recommended dilution for 1 in 10 ratio it means 1g of product is dissolve and make with 10ml buffer is it also ok. now we going to pour plate method what will do take 1ml of we are prepared sample it is ok .we are get it result for 90 CFU appropriately. now how to submit the result was this sample 90 CFU/g is it correct or not. now days we are always submit like same.

But i have doubt in that 1 in make it 10 dilution. This step is we are diluted to 1g containing organisms in 10 times now this sample is 1ml we take and analyzed to so the organism load always reduced 10 times then how to justified that one sample containing CFU per G this is going to be 0.1 g result. because the is sample is already diluted then how to submit for 1g product is containing so and so CFU in product. because the MLT test in water we have to pour direct one ml of water in to the plate and the product is diluted to 10 times. they water get 50 CFU and the product also get 50 CFU it was equal.

Then you have to submit answer with multiply ur answer with ur dilution factor it’s 10… So ur and 90 convert to 900…