Microbial pathogens growth in demeneralised water

How to control the microbial growth in DM water.?
Sanitisation done as per mentioned in pharmaceutical guideline but found st aureus, salmonella and pseudomonas.
Can u tell me what is the reason behind microbial contamination in water.?
Pls suggest

Dear Vandana,

Investigation shall be initiated to find out root cause, following check to be reconfirmed.

  1. Functionality of UV/burning hours etc… after mixed bed.
  2. UV installation in return loop
  3. Slope re-verification
    4.Quality of purified water to be continuous monitored for point of generation and return loop.
  4. Proper flushing in userpoints
    6.Increasing frequency of sanitisation and sanitation to control bioburden.
    7.If any batches manufactured in this span of time shall be quarantined and can be released after proper and vigilient microbial testing.
  5. Also sampling procedures and analytical procedure to be reviewed.

All has been done almost but problem is same. So purified water system supplier suggested that sodium hypochlorite is not much effects le. Is it true?
They suggested to use minncare cold sterilants.
Kindly suggest your opinion

No, It is not true

Majority of chances from technical issue and also may be feed water.

I worked in reputed company for OSD, where same problem happens during phase 1 .
We have properly investigated root cause and increase in sanitation in Water system.
Sodium hypochlorite is most effective in such cases.
Uv shall be checked for its intancitity

We are using Gramicid it’s combination of H2o2 and silver.

We get better result in this cases.