MetaL Piece identification of compressd ER AND SUSTAIN RELEASE TABLETS

How can we identify the metal detector rejected embedded metal piece in compressd ER and Sustain release tablets .For example water soluble products dissolving in fresh water after dissolving in fresh water metal piece seeing at the bottom of the beaker .So, what kind of suitable salt used for the ER AND Sustain release tablets for metal piece identification.

Use metal detectors during compression so that tabs contaning metal sbould be rejected

The rejected tablets due to metal contmination as detected through metal detector should be put in the water slightly at warm temperature which is used for disintegration test. Allow the tablets to disintegrate just by stirring this water. Decant off the supernetanet water and replace with fresh warm water to further disintegrate the tablets. Now decant off complete water and observe the tablets residues for metal particles. You may dry this residue and observe under microscope or visually the metal particles.

ER and Sustain release tabs dnt disintegrate instead these tabs swell n form slipry matrix

Ideally tablets should disintegrate in to fragments. If it is not so then you may stirr the water containing tablets vigorously to break in to smaller fragments so that metal particles will be separated out. Please do not use acidic solution to disintegrate the tablets, because the metallic particles will dissolve in acidic solution.

Alternatively, you may crush the rejected tablets tn to a small morter-pestle in to powder. Then transfer this powder in water in a glass beaker. Rinse the mortor-pestle with water and put rinsings in the same beaker.

Instead of “Disintegration” you may call it as “Errosion” of such type of tablets (SR, ER). The slipery matrix of such tablets can be broken into smaller fragments by vigorous shaking of its solution in water as specified above.