Media fill in sterile

why we use 3% media for media fill validation.
Is there any guideline requirement for 3% media solution?

Pls provide full details I will give clear picture on that.which media 3persent

SCDA Media

This is vendor requirements scdb dissolve in 29.77 approx 30 now u clear

Nd one more thing scda is not used in media fill

What about TSB media?

Tsb also used it is also liquid media it is equivalent to scdb.

Sry… soyabean Hiveg media.

Ya soyabean but not agar

we use soyabean casein digest medium in mediafill simulation study in aseptic area. in these we use 3% concentration of media.

so my question was why we use 3% concentration of soyabean casein digest medium? is their any guidelines or any recommendation by regulatory???

If we take more than 3% media ,it will be more viscous and there will be chance of chocking of filter during filtration and after media fill ,cleaning of equipment will be difficult.
If we take less than 3% concentration it will be not suitable media for microbial growth so 3% media solution is optimum concentration.
Refer USFDA guideline

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