Material transferrig procedure

Respected all, which points can I consider for preparation of SOP for wet material transfer (low volume) from wet area to dry area?

Question is not clear

We have low volume API plant i.e. Kilo Lab. In that plant we have one wet zone where wet material is obtained. After obtainig of wet material, we needs to be transfer to dry zone for drying purpose. For entering in dry zone from wet zone, one sop is there i.e. The sop is only for man entry ane exit procedure where one cross over bench is there. But for material movement i.e. There is no material movement area. We transfered the material in packed container on the same way as per the man entry and exit procedure since the packed container has very less quantity i.e. First we put the container near the door of required room without crossing the cross over bench ane then we follow the entry and exit procedure and cross the cross over bench. Then we take the container which is kept near the door of the room and then enter into the room for drying.
For that we dont have any procedure. So, my question is what precaution is taken or what point we consider for this type of material movement?

There can be many points to prepare the sop. For ex:ensure container for wet material to be taken is properly cleaned, well labelled, take its initial wt, get it verified from qa person. Check the environmental condition of room. Set the drying temperature and time taken. Then check the drying as per limit specified etc.