Manufacturing date

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Can you assign mfg date for the batch, a batch start up month.
Solid material mfg date can you assign a last completion of drying time/ month.
Mfg date can be millng month.

Manufacturing date for the batch is defined in internal SOP of the company. This is controlled by QA.
Following strategies are followed to define Manufacturing date for the batch.

  • Date of dispensing of the raw materials for the batch is a Manufacturing date.
  • Date of mixing of ingredients / raw materials in a mixer / mixing tank / Granulator is a Manufacturing date. )In case of Tablets, Capsules & Liquids, Injections, Creams etc.)
  • Date of charging of raw materials / components in a reactor in case of API is a manufacturing date
  • Date of Blending of different lots of API to make a “Blended batch” is a Manufacturing date of “Blended batch”.
  • In case of a “Re-processed batch” the date of reprocessing (first step) is the Manufacturing date.

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