Machine Selection/ Capacity Calculation

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Would you please guide me with calculation for selecting capacities of machine in granulation. If someone decide to manufacture n millions of tables a year how we could select machinery ( sifter, blender, RMG, FBD, milling, bins, tablet compression, Capsule filling, Auto coater etc) suitable to its production.

In other way if we know batch size how we could suggest capacities of machine. If anyone have standered format for machine selection or excel formulated sheet please do share for betterment.
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in granulation highshear granulators and blenders capacity is in liters which is then convertd in kgs.
fill the blender with water and note the vol in liters.capacity also depend uopn density of materils so calculate density of material.
say vol in liter in cone mixer is 400 kg and density is 0.8 then
usualy 70% of totatl vol is taken so
70/100×320=224 kg
so capacity of blender for that product is 224 kg

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for compression machine
as follow
Note down rpm of machine eg 30 rpm etc
Note down No of punches installed e,g 19,23,33,35 etc
Note down no of tabs compressed per round by each punch eg single feed system for 1 tab or double feed system for 2 tabs.
Simply Note down No of feed hoopers eg 1 or 2.
double layer tab have 2 feed hoopers but compres 1 tab in a round by each punch so 1 feed hooper is counted.
Apply following formula
rmp×no of punches×no of feed system×60
eg solve above
30×35×2×60=126000 tabs/hr

Rpm instead of rmb

yes rpm

Guys thank you for detail information. Sajjid ji thank you for valuable inputs. My query is slightly different. Suppose I want to manufacturing 400 million tablets and 300 million capsules a year. How could I select capacities of equipments. If anyone have such Excel sheet please do share.

it mean u have to compress 33,333,333 tab per mnth and 1,111,111 tab per day.
by using capacity calculation of above mentioned machine zp35 which produce 126000/hr u can compress in 8.8 hrs.
But selection of machine depend uopn your tab formulation and req pressure mean either u need B typ or D type tooling machine

Please explain tark calculation