Lubricant Effect

What is the effect of lubricants on Disintegrantion time?

On addition of lubricant,Tablet hardness will decrease and disintegration time will increase.


Effect of lubricants on capping?

Lubricant in lower concentration will cause capping defect.

lubricant in lower conc does not cause capping.
lubricant in higher conc cause capping

if we use lubricant in higher qty or blending time is prolonged hydrophobic lubricants form strong barier around particles which during comp inhibit particle compection and results in friable tabs due to week bounding.
in case of disintegration hydrophobic barrier prevent water penetration so disintegration time is prolonged.
hydrophilic lubricants hve no effect on dt

practically mg stearate is used in lower possible conc.
in ur link provided hardneds decrease by increasing conc to 3 percnt.
5 percent is very high conc n practicalley very rarely 5 percent dt and dissution both will be highly efected so not used.