Less input KSM for Validation

Good Evening to all.
My question is, earlier we have initiate one change control to execute the validation caimpaign with 100 kg batch size and with same we was manufactured 2 batches.
Now we have no enough quantity of input KSM i.e. Less than 100 kg. Hence, we can not complete validation of 3 batches. But we need to take 3rd batch which will less input KSM. So, how can handle this. Can i close previous validation by prering validation report. And for less input, can i initiate one change control?

If any change need to initiate of batch size either validate batch size or not , we need to raise CC with impact analysis i.e. increasing/decreasing batch size effect critical quality attribute for process, equipment etc.

Note :If you plan 1/10th batch size increase/decrease is not advisable as scale up/down play role in important CQA a lot with same size equipment.With revised batch you need to work on fresh validation batch

Previous validation can not be closed if its is a new product. If its is an existing product, you can choose concurrent validation approach.
For the less qty KSM you have take the batch under deviation

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