Issuance of missing SOP

Can tell me anyone process/guideline for issuance of missing controlled copy of SOP

Missing sop from department shows there is no control on document.i think reissuance of missed sop can not be allowed can receive file note for missing sop from concerned department. in which it will be mentioned that if missed sop is found later in department it will be submitted to qa immediately.

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Thanks a lot Sir g…

Deviation is required for missing SOP and CAPA is required for avoid reoccurring.

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Officially this procedure is correct but such type of deviation will give bad impact to auditor.

Even i agree with preparing a file note from user department in which one has to mention sop no and no.of controlled copies that if there is any query in future it can be justified.

Missing sop is shows there is no control over your documents…
Its totally violation of data integrity & GDP .
Also, almost difficult to justify how sop’s misplaced?

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