Isolator humidity

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Dear all
Can anybody help me out this topic
Many Isolator manufacturer said that the maximum relative humidity is only about 70% rh. So how if the humidity goes up to 100% inside the isolator during it’s operation.
Does the high humidity effect the test or the h2o2 for sanitisation purpose

(Albert Groeneveld) #2

During normal operation the humidity does not go to 100%
%RH & Temp conditioning & compressed air etc are controlling the %RH inside the isolator.

In inside the isolator the following %RH & Temp conditioning injection of Hydrogen Peroxide gas (H2O2) to build saturated vapor conditions. At dew point start to build micro condensate layer on surfaces.

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Dear Albert
I get to know about this. But unfortunally tthe situation is that. Our company isolator getting wrong right now. The humidity go up to 100 % during. Do you have experient to solve this problem. Can you suggest me what to do to solve the problem. And do you know from where i can find the regulation about isolator specification…

(Sajjad Ahmad) #4

try some desicants

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(Albert Groeneveld) #7

The humidity goes up during normal operation or during decontamination?
There are many factors which involve with humidity.

  • Amount of H2O2 evaporation
  • Starting Temperature
  • Starting Humidity
  • Are you having liquid inside your isolator?
  • Are you cleaning the isolator?
  • Are you using compressed air to control the humidity

Because having more than 100% humidity it means you will see drops or wet surfaces during normal operation. This has impact on the decontamination but also on the product which you are testing.

I work for a Isolator manufacturer but without more detailed information or actual seeing the equipment it is difficult to understand the current situation.