IPA and water Grains

what is the difference b/w grains produced by IPA and water?

granules mixing with water is more dense compare to ipa granules. Is that right?

water grains r harder
more compact
take more time during drying
less fine is produced if dried im FBd
IPA grains
take less time at drying
more fine if dried in FBD


How to chose b/w water & ipa?

Now a days for enviornment n operators safety water is prefered.
During formulation degradation and solubility is also considered.

According to latest guidlines use of organic solvent in coating and granulation is discourged.

Better to re frame the word “grains” to “granules” for more clarity.

As per My view, IPA is used generally for - when polymers are used as binding agent and used in modified release drugs for hydration during wet granulation.
IPA granules-modified/sustained release.


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its not necessary to use IPA for polymers.
water is also used for polymer binders.

Granulation solution will facilitate the agglomeration process.

In most cases, you can choose from either organic solvents or aqueous granulation liquid.

This will depend on the type of material you intend to process in the granulation machine.

  • Aqueous solution as granulation liquid

Generally, this granulation solution is eco-friendly, affordable and non-flammable.

On the other hand, it has longer drying time and may affect the stability of the final product.

A good example of an aqueous solution is water.

  • Organic solvents as granulation liquid

Organic solvents are suitable for moisture sensitive products. They are also volatile, a reason why they dry faster.

However, they are more expensive and may be harmful to the environment.

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