Inprocess failure

What will be do after getting empty pocket pocket during inprocess

Please provide more details and elaborate your question w.r.t. to product type and stage of manufacturing.

If during inprocess empty pocket strip was observed at finished product packing then which action should be teken as a IPQA officer

Please read section 5.2 in

(thanks to @ankur for this SOP)

What sort of inspection system installed on strip packing machine, like any NFD (non filled detector) or checkwiegher, or camera inspection. Is it having anything or not having any of the above inspection system. if you are getting frequently then all these above should be challenged (if having) and machine setting, visual examination to be strengthened.

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Please make it clear empty pocket strip from packed shippers or during online checking from conveyor belt.

1.Stop the further blistering process.
2.Inform Production supervisor and QA supervisor
3.Initiate deviation/ notification
4.Quarantine the shipper produced since last inprocess check
5.Investigate the issue with respect to machine functionality-Sensor rectification.
6.Root casue analysis
6.Take corrective action/ Retraining etc.
7.Verificattion of the corrective action
8.Resume blistering operation

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