Increasing or Decreasing Room Differential Pressure possibilities

Dear all and Respected sirs,

Can you please suggest what are the possibilities of increasing or decreasing of Clean room Differential pressures for sterile and non-sterile areas

Please suggest

What do you mean by possibilities? Limits of differential pressure and ACPH are given in regulatory guidelines. What confusion do you have?

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Thanks for your quick responce
Chances for getting high and low differential Pressure
For Example: If Return filter clogged leads to High differential pressures

Room pressure will decrease in following cases-
1)if terminal hepa filter is chocked.
2) blower rpm is low.
3)if any leakage from door gasket.
Room pressure will increase in following cases-
1)if terminal hepa is ruptured or leakage from mounting.
2)blower rpm is high.
3)return riser is cloggged.
4)any equipment is placed infront of riser.


What will be happend if blower of return air is not working due to any fault.

Area may be temperature will also increase.suffocation in area.

Temp n humidity out of range.
Dusty enviornment in room.