Incident, deviation and non conformance

what is the difference between incident, deviation and non conformance.
plz guide.

departure from the any approved instruction like SOP BMPR STP etc… is called as Deviation

It is Unexpected event like… during the analysis any product like RSD and tailing factor, theoretical plate count is failed to meet because of the environment condition column conditions and preparation of the samples these are all effecting in such cases we are using only incident…

During the identification of the any product is failed to meet is such cases we are musing Non- conformance

Sir, you replied that any product is failed to meet its specification in such cases we are using Non- conformance.
Also in incident you written that if any parameter is failed in testing then we use incident.
Then what is actual difference between these, i didn’t get you properly.

Is this is correlated with the OOS. Because in the OOS if any parameter is comes out of spec. then can we say this non conformance.
plz elaborate these all with example.