If the Batch yield is low...How to increase it?

We are getting low yeild for batches …how to increase it ?

In case of liquid injection
Reduce the filtration loss
Reduce the particulates contamination
Control rejection during filling and sealing.
Investigate the cause of high rejection

For Solid dosage

  1. Investigate and draw CAPA. Act accordingly.
  2. Check LOD/Moisture Content of materials. Add calculated amount

For Sterile

  1. Try to reduce filtration loss.

For sterile preparations like injectables
Firstly find out the root cause at which stage you are getting higher wastage and then work.accordingly…

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First of all deviation shall be raised for the subject matter, then investigation should be done.
Root cause analysis can be done with Ishikawa fish bone diagram considering, 6 M (Man, material,method, Measurement, machine, Mother nature).5 Why analysis shall be done.
followed by Corrective action to be taken to overcome the yield loss


In case of low yield Ist type of rejection must be point out for this purpose throughly checking of every step is required, Than make practical measures for vanishing these rejections.

Is the process validated?.. what is your target %yield acceptance?

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