I would like to remove softener from my water system

Dear all,
Can i remove softener from water system is used for decrease hardness of Raw water.

Also be what is relation between TDS and hardness.

You can remove softener unit from water system provided there is no adverse impact on quality attributes of output water generated. This should be supported by validation of water system. It should be ensured that throughout the year quality of output water remains consistent as per specification. This is because, quality of input water changes from season to season, for eg. In summer season hardness of raw water is highest if it is sourced from bore well. While in rainy season suspended matter is significantly high in raw water.
Since this is a major change, it should be executed through Change control system with impact / Risk assessment.
Hardness to the water is caused by Calcium and Magnesium salts soluble in water. And hence TDS increase. Ofcourse, apart from this there are also other salts in water due to which TDS increase but hardness does not.


Why not ?? you can provide proper justification for the removal of softner from the water pretreatment system. and validate the system after removing the softner and justify that is no impact on the water system

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