I have a question on How to say ' the equipment stopping operation'

Hi, This is Lucy working in pharma company in south asia. I have to prepare a SOP about registration for equipment which stopped operation. Actually, one equipment (or facility) in our company is not being operated anymore, so we should relocate that equipment and prepare SOP for that. Now, I have to prepare the documents in two language - English and Mother language. I really don’t know what vocabulary I should use for equipment which stopped operating. How to say this? ’ SOP for suspended equipment registration ? or SOP for stopping operation equipment registration? SOP for unused equipment registration? Please help me…

Hi Lucy, and welcome!

For what I understood from your post, I believe what you are trying to do is to create an SOP for “Equipment Decommissioning”.

Taken from ISPE:
Decommissioning is a general term for a process to remove something from active status. It may be a precursor to putting facilities/equipment into storage, repurposing, or demolition/disposal

If this effectively describes what your are trying to do, then I suggest you look for decomissioning guidelines like ISPE’s, to aid you in documenting your SOP.

I hope this is useful!


Thanks thanks a lot!!! The term ’ Equipment Decommissioning’ is what I was exactly looking for! I made the SOP using this term. Thank you again for your help.
If it is okay with you, I have one more question.
I have no idea where I can find the information about the term on pharma. For example, whenever I have to prepare SOP or translate SOP from my mother language to English, I don’t know what exact term I have to use for the document to be shared with other companies in America or England. Is there any site or book that I can learn some exact term like ‘Equipment Decomissioning’ I have plenty of terms to translate, but I am not sure I am doing right… haha…

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Hi, Kim!

Honestly I have never thought about it, since most spanish words (my native language) are kind of similar to english, so my struggle is much less than yours.

But I guess most of the terms could be found by roughly translating the term or its definition from your native language to english, or try searching them adding words you already know that are related to it.

Another thing you can do is search within international or american guidelines like WHO, PICS, PDA, ISO, etc. Also, most of them have a glossary of terms used in the document which may be helpful to review. Perhaps your local regulation/guideines make reference to these standars.

I’m sorry I could not give you an actual good advise. I’ll reply here if something else comes to my mind.

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